Vermont Natural Slate

More than 10 different colors of Vermont Natural Slate registered

Vermont Natural Slate
  • Semi-Weathering Gray/Green
  • Semi-Weathering Vermon Gray
  • Variegated Purple
  • Unfading Mottled Green and Purple
  • Unfading Green
  • Unfading Gray
  • Unfading Purple
  • Strata Gray
  • Vermont Black ang Semi Weathering Gray/Black
  • Unfading Red
In Vermont, you can easily identify more than 10 different colors of slates. The most common is gray or black, but there are some greens, blues, yellows, browns, purples, and reds. The colors of slate depend on the types of elements and chemicals that are present during formation. For example, if iron were present during formation the slate would be red (due to oxidation of the iron). Many slates exhibit mottled or mixed colors.

The color of some slates fades over time due to exposure to the elements. Some slates, called unfading, do not fade over time, making it a good roofing material (From A Project by Scott Carpentier). The most common and commercially important colors produced in the Vermont region are the following according to the NSA (National Slate Association):

SEMI-WEATHERING GRAY/GREEN - also known as Sea Green, a green or gray/green color when first quarried; after application to the roof and exposure to the elements, a percentage of these slates weather.

SEMI-WEATHERING VERMONT GRAY – a traditional slate-gray color ranging from a clear appearance to having small black markings.

VARIEGATED PURPLE – a purple slate varying in shade. Some pieces are clear while some pieces have green spots and marks.

UNFADING MOTTLED GREEN AND PURPLE – green and purple combine to form unique patterns in each slate.

UNFADING GREEN – this slate exhibits shades ranging from a bright green to gray/green tones that will not weather.

UNFADING GRAY – a medium-texture slate, usually with black markings.

UNFADING PURPLE – a deep purple slate, at times almost burgundy in color, which may have occasional green marks or inclusions.

STRATA GRAY – a medium gray slate with black stripes also known as Mottled Gray/Black.

VERMONT BLACK AND SEMI-WEATHERING GRAY/BLACK – slate with a medium to dark gray color and darker linear markings to a medium-texture dark gray to black slate without lines.

UNFADING RED - a bright red that will not change color, making it more expensive to produce and contributing to its higher cost.