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Vermont slate

Old tradition

Vermont Natural Slate
Estado de Vermont

Vermont slate: The inheritance of centuries

The beginnings

For more than 150 years, the slate industry in the United States has been concentrated in the "Green Mountains" of Vermont, nort-east of the country. Slate was first quarried in 1839 at Fair Haven. The roof of a barn one mile south of Fair Haven was the first to be covered with slate. It was feared the barn would not withstand the weight of the stone. The barn is still standing

today and the same slate roof is intact ! Proof of longevity.

The boom

An influx of immigrants from the North Wales slate quarrying communities saw a boom in slate production that peaked in the latter half of the 19th century. Methods of quarrying improved with the advent of more advanced mechanization, greatly increasing production. Methods of shipping also saw significant advances.

After World War II, the slate industry virtually shut down because so much manpower was lost to the armed forces and defense industries. Several who left their communities did not return. The modernization of both slate extraction methods and maritime transport helped boost production. Vermont slate remains a noble product that is attractive in many markets.
Maintaining the tradition

Today, more than 20 quarries continue - in the traditional way - to produce slate in a range of interesting colors including green, gray, black, red and purple. Vermont Natural Slate is non porous and contains little iron oxide which brings long life to the product.
Range of colors

We offer all ranges of colors although purple slate remains the most requested in European markets. All our slates are produced and selected "in situ" in Vermont Quarries and carry the ASTM test delievered by American Laboratories.

After traveling through Vermont to understand and choose the best possible slates, we have through knowledge of the product. Our slates are exclusively sold through Natural Vermont Slate. Please do not hesitate to contact us to inform us of your needs.

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Traditional way of making Vermont Natural Slate

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